Pasting in a wiget to use chat
Mebo room lets you put a chat room on any page
every lesson she teaches a different group is assigned to work on the wiki
let students use them fill in the knowledge
blog for opinion wiki for fact
photobucket non searchable for video from students
small edits summarize synthesize cannot just copy
communicate discussion tab open it up to conversation
use history follow who is editing contributing do not allow students to sit side by side, force kids to do their own work
wikispaces can set up accounts
wikis are public or you can protect, or you can make it private
free form contribute not as structured allow students to contribute to how it will evolve over time and allow students to contribute
installation options tutorial and workbook here
bloggers lounge
embed in wikis
wiki on social networking
coming of age 2 terry freedman best rubric training materials available
experts peer reviewers the world(bookmarks) teachers students at center
Wiki at the center, facebook unblocked for class elluminate usa, austria china austrailia bangladesh
the effective web 2.0 classroom engaged teacher, we teamwork internations web activities
second life had to evaluate virtual worlds
peers experts audiences have to rethink walls, keep out sharks digital citizenship
ning for students creation embed in anything free
Masters of the projects students had to show mastery
best things to embed in wiki
meebo http://meebo.
blog on vicki like kidspiration
http://dr2ooocom/tools/maps put in coordinates from SL creates the URL paste in the wiki
thinkpairshare talk in terms the admin understand
wiki is a method to publish